What is a Neonatolgist?

As neonatologists, we receive special training that enables us to deal with complex and high–risk situations involving newborn children. Premature newborns or babies born with a birth defect, serious injury or illness will most likely be under the watchful care of a neonatologist. We may even consult with your obstetrician if a problem is diagnosed before your baby is born.

At Neonatology Consultants of Corpus Christi, we realize newborn babies are not just small adults. For a newly born baby, a medical problem can become a significant challenge. Many times, babies are born before critical organs such as the heart, lungs and stomach are mature enough to sustain a healthy body. Our neonatologists have the skills and knowledge needed to treat the specialized problems of sick newborns including neurology and open-heart surgery. You can rest assured that your precious baby’s life can be entrusted to the experts at Neonatology Consultants of Corpus Christi and will receive the finest medical care available in the Coastal Bend area.